Strange Types & Odd Sorts

Wooden type spelling out 'Strange Types & Odd Sorts' arranged on composing sticks

Strange Types & Odd Sorts

The National Print Museum and Fighting Words release a new publication Strange Types & Odd Sorts, A Peek into the World of Print in Ireland.

Volunteer compositors and printers from the National Print Museum worked with a team of Fighting Words mentors to document memories of lives lived in apprenticeships, jobbing houses, newspapers, binderies and a now utterly transformed world of printing. The sessions were full of laughter, shared reminiscences and a strong desire to document their working lives so that they would be preserved for future generations.

The book project will launch on Friday 30 June with special guest Roddy Doyle.

I felt close to my father as I was reading the essays in this collection, immersing myself in the world of the printers – his world, too – and I’m grateful to the authors for this, and grateful, too, because the writing is of such a high standard, so alive and informative, and just plain great. Roddy Doyle, Co-founder Fighting Words

Pre-sale available here.