Cairde Cló

Cairde Cló

The National Print Museum is delighted to announce Cairde Cló – a new series of virtual visits to “print friends” nationally and internationally. A member of the Museum’s Curatorial Committee will join the guest host for a tour around their print studio or museum, posing questions and channeling questions from the live audience.

Curious to snoop around a printer’s studio? Join us for our next visit…

Upcoming visit, Thursday 13 May at 20.00 – Jeff Pulaski, chaired by Carla Marrinan Funder

A life-long Kansan, Jeff Pulaski earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree from Wichita State University in 1990 and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Kansas State University in 2008. Before joining Wichita State in 2000, he worked for The Wichita Eagle, Pioneer Balloon Company and was self-employed as a freelance designer working for various businesses in the Wichita area. For the past 14 years, his research has focused on letterpress printing and its continuing value in today’s digital world. His work has been shown at various universities and museums in the U.S., Ireland and England and he has traveled around the world giving talks and delivering workshops to artists and designers interested in the way this hands-on approach to design can influence their current work and practice. His letterpress collection has grown to weigh in at over 12 tons. It includes various platen and cylinder presses, a Prouty Power Press newspaper press, a Model 31 Linotype, two Ludlow casters and large assortment of metal and wooden type.

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Visit 1 – Dave Darcy of One Strong Arm, chaired by Mary Plunkett

OSA is a letterpress print studio based in the heart of Dublin city. Dave creates contemporary typography-led work using traditional methods. The studio’s output usually involves an ever-growing collection of antique wood and metal type, but on occasion it will also include some more modern techniques and processes. While much of OSA’s work comes in the form of self-initiated projects Dave also works closely with designers, artists, agencies, writers, musicians, illustrators, collaborators, experimenters and co-conspirators to create thoughtfully produced work of all kinds.

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