The National Print Museum hosts a variety of exciting art and craft workshops throughout the year for both adults and children, as well as team-building workshops for groups. See a sample of what we offer below, and visit our Shop to see upcoming workshops and book. Want to gift a workshop to a loved one? Workshop vouchers are available here.

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Adult Workshops

A collage of various letters and numbers in wooden type

Woodtype Poster Printing

Participants design, typeset, and produce a unique letterpress printed poster in this workshop with Dave Darcy (One Strong Arm), using the Museum’s collection of wood types. It is a hands-on experience, covering the fundamentals of letterpress printing techniques and some of the craft’s history and background. All stages, including the inking, are done by hand… think big type, short words, and bold colours. 

A group work to compose a forme during a letterpress workshop

Letterpress Printed Books

This workshop with Mary Plunkett (The Belgrave Private Press) uses the Vandercook proofing press for a group project to set and print an eight-page book with a wrap around sewn cover. Participants learn how to set type, proof, and print as well as some simple binding techniques. The result is a few copies of a pamphlet-type book for participants to take home. 

An image of woodblock printing materials, as well as a printed image using the technique

Mokuhanga Japanese Woodblock Printmaking

In this workshop with Ann Kavanagh, participants learn the authentic fundamentals of Japanese woodblock printing and engage in a process that includes transferring their own design, carving, printing, and editioning their first print. Watercolour, gouache, and Sumi ink are used to print images with a handheld baren rather than a press.

Linocut printing tools and a finished print of a tree

Linocut Relief Printmaking

This course with Caroline Byrne demonstrates relief printmaking techniques using the lino block. Participants learn how to transfer an image to the plate, use of tools, inking up and printing on the press and by hand.  The history of relief printing and its many possibilities are also discussed, as well as an exploration of contemporary artists that work in this medium

'Calligraphy workshop' written in stylised calligraphy with blue ink

Modern Calligraphy

This workshop with Sarah O’Dea teaches the basic techniques of modern calligraphy. Participants learn how to use a pen holder and nib and what materials work best before working on exercises to practice making shapes and strokes, and then letter forms. By the end of the course, participants start to develop their own style with plenty of time to practice and one-to-one help when needed. 

A close up of a Japanese bookbinding technique using string in various patterns.


In this workshop by Éilís Murphy from Folded Leaf, participants are introduced to 4- & 5-hole Japanese book bindings. Participants gain knowledge of how to use basic bookbinding tools and the principles of bookbinding including grain direction, gluing, and folding tips. Variations such as Hemp Leaf and Tortoiseshell stitches are also covered. The objective of this course is to explore the potential of basic book structures to create unexpected books. 

Children and Young People’s Workshops

Lego print tiles and assembled letters

Lego Print

Join graphic artist and letterpress printer, Mary Plunkett, in this playful workshop to build and print using LEGO pieces. Suitable for children ages 8-12.

Three small, bound books in different colours

Story Books

Love making up your own stories? This is workshop for any children who love creating their own stores. Participants will write their own tale and make a small hard-back book to take home. Suitable for children ages 4-12.

Team-Building Workshops

The Museum offers team-building workshops, in which participants will collaborate with letterpress designers to produce unique posters for their office space or gift to their families, friends or clients. The museum has three letterpress workshop options to suit either half-day or full day visits and both smaller and larger teams.


P22 Blox Workshop

During this half-day workshop (for 6 participants), the team work together to design and typeset abstract letterpress posters using P22 Blox and our flatbed proofing press. It’s a fun, creative, hands-on experience which produces eye-catching, vibrant results.

Woodtype Workshop

This full-day workshop (for 6 participants) utilises the museum’s rare collection of large wooden type as well as the flatbed proofing press. Beautiful results can be achieved by playing with the layout, ink effects and the texture of the wood type. All stages including the inking will be done by hand… think big type, short words and bold colours!

Adana Workshop

This full-day workshop is designed for larger teams of 10-12 participants. The team set their type and pull their prints using the Adana printing presses. This workshop also includes an interactive hands-on tour of the museum with a guide.