Dublin Maker

Dublin Maker

The National Print Museum is delighted to return to Dublin Maker with PrintLab!

The mission of PrintLab is to create an understanding and facilitate discovery of the traditional craft of letterpress printing by empowering children to be creatively involved in hands-on workshops, which unite the basic concepts of the craft with digital fabrication and new technologies.

PrintLab provides a unique, inclusive and creative space for children and families to participate in hands-on social experiences, which aim to provide them with an understanding of the historical, social and contemporary relevance of letterpress printing as a tool for communication.

Taking inspiration from the tinkering and making culture, PrintLab offers a series of fablab style workshops, which encourage children to explore individual and communal approaches to design thinking through the medium of letterpress printing. By innovating and intersecting each workshop with new technologies, the objective of the space is to enhance children’s learning experience in the Museum and reinvent the craft of letterpress for a new generation.

Saturday 23 July, Free admission

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