Guided Tours

Guided Tours

The guided tour of the Museum’s permanent exhibition is available to a range of visitor groups including Secondary Schools, Language Schools, 3rd Level studentsAdult Education students, Heritage and Historical Groups, Disability Groups and Social/ Corporate Clubs. The tour is flexible in level of content and duration in order to suit each group’s specific needs and abilities.

(Maximum number 30, Duration 45 minutes)

Activity Based Tours

Activity based guided tours of the Museum are available to Primary Schools, Language Schools, Youth Groups, and Families. Using the Museum’s permanent collection and traditional print and paper related arts and crafts, our tour guides introduce your group to a hands-on, interactive learning experience which allows them to discover the facilitating world of letterpress printing.

(Maximum number 60, Duration 90 minutes)

How to book

Individuals and groups of 10 people or less: Throughout most of the year, we offer two public guided tours of the Museum per day Mon – Fri at 11.30 and 14.30 (excluding Wednesday afternoons) and on Sat & Sun at 15.00.  See rates below.

Groups of 10 people or more
All groups of 10 or more people are required to pre-book their guided tour with . If you have less than 10 people, please join the 11.30 or 14.30 public tour when scheduled. If you are a group of less than 10 people and would like to have a private tour of the museum please contact the email address above.


Public Guided Tours: Individuals and groups of less than 10 people (fees from 1 September 2018)

    • Adult: €5
    • Student: €4
    • Senior: €4
    • Family: €10

Pre-booked groups of 10 people or more
(fees from 16 May 2019)

    • Group Tour Flat Rate: €4.00 per person
      (one leader of group free of charge)
    • Primary and Secondary Group Rate: €3.00 per student
      (all accompanying teachers free of charge)
      [This rate does not apply to English Language Schools/ Summer Camps as these are within the Group Tour Flat Rate.]
    • Special Demonstration Tour: €10.00 per person
    • Minimum of 10 people required for all tours booked outside of scheduled public guided tours.

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