Types for the New Century

Types for the New Century

An exhibition of contemporary design and typography

Curated for the Stationers’ Company (UK) by Will Hill, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, the exhibition features outstanding typeface designs from over 14 countries.

Though most of the designs have been originated or significantly updated in the first decade of this century, they reflect a range of stylistic traditions drawn from over 550 years of printed type, and in some cases from even earlier.

The exhibition will include work from internationally established type designers, including Matthew Carter, Gerard Unger, Jonathan Barnbrook, Martin Majoor, as well as talented newcomers to the field. On display will be selected type specimens and promotional designs from leading exponents in the field with examples of the innovative use of type in a range of printed contexts.

The diverse and eclectic selection of type and letterform reflects the radical changes that have taken place in the practice of typeface design since the digital revolution of the late 20th century. During this time, type has completed its transition from an arcane craft, previously an adjunct of the printing trade, to a medium of experimentation and enquiry in an increasingly public market, democratised by the impact of digital design software.

The exhibition will travel to the National Print Museum from 8 October until 19 November.

‘Shaping the words of the future’