A Response Project – Dave Darcy


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We are delighted to announce a project with three leading figures in letterpress in Ireland.

Dave Darcy of one Strong Arm, Mary Plunkett of The Belgrave Private Press, and Jamie Murphy of The Salvage Press have been invited to individually respond to the upcoming exhibition theme exploring its contemporary relevance.

Each artist has produced their own letterpress print that will be on display during the exhibition “Print, Protest and The Polls: The Irish women’s suffrage campaign and the power of print media”.

Here we have Dave Darcy’s response.

Limited edition of 100 commemorating 100 years of women’s right to vote.

€100 each or full set of three for €280 (please contact to arrange full set sale)

Artist’s Statement

This response is formed by the consideration of the parallels between the issues which affected Irish women 100 years ago and those which still affect Irish women today

It is an attempt to create a political protest poster from both ends of the centenary – using a universal message applicable to all and any issues faced by women, regardless of topic or place in time

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Weight300 kg
Dimensions66 × 8 cm