Outreach is an important aspect of the National Print Museum’s Education Department.

It provides the opportunity to bring an essence of the Museum into the heart of the community.

The Museum travels nationwide to bring the Pop-up Print Shop and workshops to libraries, schools, arts centres, festivals and companies.

We offer drop-in live printing events or workshops for all ages.

How to Book and Cost

The fee for each Pop-up Print Shop event or workshop is reviewed on a case by case basis, i.e. type of organisation/event, day and time of the week of the outreach (weekends incur a higher cost), plus additional travel and accommodation costs will be included where necessary.

All outreach locations must have a ground floor location (or large lift to upper floors) and parking for a 16ft hightop van. Travel to the outreach location is subject to weather conditions. We ask for at least 8 weeks notice for all outreach requests.

To submit an outreach request to the National Print Museum, please complete the following form and return by email to the email address below:
National Print Museum Outreach Request Form 2019
Return to: education@nationalprintmuseum.ie

Paper is fed into a small Adana press, which is loaded with pink ink.
An ink roller sits next to a proofing press