Junior Online Resources

Junior Online Resources

Print-related Activities for all the Family

Our Education Department has created a series of videos with print-related activities for you to do at home. The team would love to see your creations, so please share and tag us!

Make your own stamps

Create a star book

National Drawing Day, 3D Print a Drawing!

Make a Printer’s Hat!

Every child who does a tour with their school or family makes a printer’s hat. Now is the chance to try it at home using origami techniques. All you need is a piece of A3 paper and a little patience.

Try a Symmetrical Print!

You will need some paper or card, paints and a paintbrush!

Primary School Teachers’ Pack

Factsheet 1

Factsheet 2

Factsheet 3

Factsheet 4

Factsheet 5

Factsheet 6

Factsheet 7


Fact and Activity Pack

Junior Worksheets

Worksheet 1 – Gutenberg

Worksheet 2 – Apprenticeship

Worksheet 3 – Typesetting

Worksheet 4 – Iron Press

Worksheet 5 – Wordsearch