Temporary Exhibitions

Imperfect: Letterpress x 3

Imperfect: Letterpress x 3 is a trio exhibition featuring work from Joey Hannaford, University of West Georgia, Mervi Pakaste, Kansas State University and Jeff Pulaski, Wichita State University. In their letterpress work, they seek to extend their design processes beyond the computer screen. Instead of strictly imposing order, they try to utilize the letterpress medium in ways that encourage interpretation, spontaneity and improvisation. The seductive embossing of the page and textural qualities of the prints add unique qualities to the end results. The physical letterforms become an equal partner in the process as their age and history are revealed. Through this traditional form of printing they tell new stories, in a modern context. Despite working with a common process, each one has a dedication to express an individual voice.

10 April – 31 May 2013
Free admission


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