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Why choose the National Print Museum for your class trip?

  • The National Print Museum offers an educational and interactive guided tour specifically tailored to suit Secondary School students.
  • The Museum’s permanent exhibition is laid out in the same style as an old print shop with a composing area, printing area and finishing area and through this exhibition our tour guide leads students through the different stages of printing, from the inventions of Johann Gutenberg, through to the Industrial Revolution and ending with the changes brought by early modern technology.
  • Students are given an insight into the role of printing in the spread of propaganda during the 1916 Rising and hear the fascinating story of the composing and printing of the 1916 Proclamation of which the Museum has an original copy.
  • Students view an engaging audio-visual presentation which gives them a unique opportunity to see demonstrations of a number of the printing machines in the permanent exhibition, along with a description of how they work from the Museum’s dedicated active retired volunteers.
  • All students are given the opportunity to try their hand at traditional hand-composing and printing and experience how many of the printings machines in the Museum’s collection operate through tactile presentation.
  • Students test their printing knowledge with our Composing Quiz!


Secondary School Tour and Learning Outcomes

Junior Cycle Guided Tour – Curriculum Links
The Junior Cycle tour is cross-curricular in nature and is suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. The content of the tour links into and interprets a number of subjects on the Junior Cycle curriculum including History, Art, Craft & Design and English.

Senior Cycle Guided Tour – Curriculum Links
The Senior Cycle tour is cross-curricular in nature and is suitable for 5th and 6th year students. The content of the tour links into and interprets a number of subjects on the Senior Cycle curriculum including Art, History and English.

Transition Year Guided Tour
The National Print Museum offers its general interactive guided tour to all Transition Year students. The tour links into and interprets the following within the Transition Year Curriculum: Aesthetics Education, English, Environmental and Social Studies (in particular Historical Studies – history of arts and crafts, heritage studies) and Practical Studies.


A World Win: Posters and Protest and Revolution – Secondary Schools Programme
An Exhibition organised the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


Downloadable Secondary School teacher resource materials for pre and post classroom activities

Secondary Teachers Pack (PDF – 2.2MB)
Secondary Workbook – Junior Cycle (PDF – 3.3MB)
Secondary Worksheet – Senior Cycle (PDF – 700KB)
Guidelines for Teachers and Code of Conduct (PDF – 19KB)

How to Book and Ticket Price

For more information on how to book a Secondary School Tour please visit our Guided Tours booking information page.