Reference Library

The National Print Museum’s Reference Library is an excellent resource for 3rd level research and project work

This specialist reference library boasts an impressive and extensive collection of books, pamphlets, journals, periodicals, handbooks, catalogues and newspapers relating to the history, technology and practice of printing, typography, bookmaking, papermaking and other associated crafts.  Also included in the collection are books, items of ephemera and photographs showcasing various styles of printing and print houses of old.

The Library has an online searchable catalogue which can be accessed via the link below:

Librarika: Catalogs


Making an appointment

The Library is reference only and no items may be borrowed or removed from the Museum. To access the Library you can make an appointment by contacting

Prior to your appointment, please provide a list of the items you have identified in the catalogue that would like to access. A table will be set up with all items ready for you on your arrival and WIFI is available in the Museum.

A worn catalogue of printing equipment that is shaped like a letterpress cabinet (pre-1971).