The Outreach Programme is an important aspect of the National Print Museum’s Education Department. It provides the opportunity to bring the essence of the museum into the heart of the community.

The Museum travels nationwide to bring our Pop-up Print Shop and workshops to various organisations and events such as libraries, schools, arts centres, festivals and corporate events.

We offer an open style event in the form of our Pop-up Print Shop, where people can visit the shop to learn about the Museum and receive a hands-on demonstration of letterpress printing (similar set up to the first image here!) We can create special pre-set formes, tailored to the specific event.

Two children’s workshops are also on offer as part of the National Print Museum’s Pop-up Print Shop outreach initiative, the details of which you can find below.


Workshop 1: Printing & Origami Printers Hat-making 

This workshop comprises of two parts and children are split into two groups. Group 1 will start with the Handsetting & Printing session, while Group 2 will begin with the Hat-making session. Following this the two groups will swop over so that each child has the opportunity to complete both activities

Hand composing & Poster Printing

Children will work with artefacts from the Museum’s collection and learn to hand set and print with metal type. The children will learn basic composing skills to construct their names, which will then be inserted into a ‘WANTED’ poster and printed on a Farley Proofing Press, a key working piece of the Museum’s collection.

Printers Hat-making

A printer’s hat was one of the first things an apprentice printer learned to make and during this activity children learn to make a similar hat using the traditional Japanese paper craft of origami. Once the hat is complete children decorate and personalise their hat using crayons and traditional wooden ink stampers.

Max: 30 Children / Ages: 7-12 / Duration: 75 mins 


Workshop 2: Bookmaking

In this workshop, using traditional and modern methods and materials, children learn to handcraft their own hardback book which they then decorate and personalise with fun craft materials such as feathers, sequins, ribbon and fancy paper.  Children can use their completed book as diary, sketch or notebook.

Max: 15 Children / Ages: 7-12 / Duration: 75 mins

Image 4

How to Book and Cost

The fee for each Pop-up Print Shop event or workshop is reviewed on a case by case basis (i.e. type of organsation/event, day and time of the week of the outreach {weekend or evening events/ workshops incur a higher cost} plus additional travel and accommodation costs will be included where necessary.

All outreach locations must have a ground floor location (or large lift to upper floors) and parking for a 16ft hightop van. Travel to the outreach location is subject to weather conditions. We ask for at least 4 weeks notice for all outreach requests.

To submit an outreach request to the National Print Museum, please complete the following form and return by email to the email address below:
National Print Museum Outreach Request Form 2019
Return to: education@nationalprintmuseum.ie