Corporate & Venue Hire

Engaging with the National Print Museum

There are many ways for companies to engage with the National Print Museum.  The Museum offers services such as Staff Engagement Workshops, Venue Hire, Bespoke Design and Print Services, Corporate Gifting, and Live Printing Pop-ups. Sponsorship in kind is welcomed at the Museum.

Additionally, the Museum is interested in partnering with companies with similar values on participatory CSR projects focused on social impact.

Venue Hire

Located in the historic surrounds of the old Garrison Chapel of Beggars Bush Barracks in Dublin, the Museum offers a special setting for events. Download the Venue Hire pack here and contact to discuss your event requirements.

Staff Engagement Workshops

Are you looking for a creative staff engagement experience for your team? Then leave the screens behind and come work with your hands at one of our letterpress workshops. Learn more on our Workshops page.

Live Printing

Our pop-up printshop is available to travel nationwide. We can offer an interactive staff or client engagement experience. This experience can be tailored to your specific needs.


We are open to working with you to create bespoke and limited edition letterpress gifts or seasonal cards for you and your valued customers. Gifts guaranteed to  “make an impression”!

Corporate Friends Scheme

The Museum invites companies to “Make an Impression” on your National Print Museum by joining the Corporate Friend Scheme. There are a number of benefits – see the pack for more information.