• Carla Marrinan Funder | CEO
  • Mary Plunkett | Education Officer (Part-time)
  • Rachel O’Byrne | Co-ordinator, Culture & Heritage Studies LTI
  • Dr Niamh Kelly | Assistant Co-ordinator, Culture & Heritage Studies LTI
  • Vacancy | Administrator/Executive Assistant
  • Jacinta Kelly | Housekeeper/Front of House (Part-time)
  • Blaithin Sheerin | Front of House (Tús Scheme)
  • Aoibheann Clarke | Front of House (CE Scheme)
  • Andrew Gaynor | Education and Outreach Assistant (CE Scheme)
  • Students / Tour Guides of the Culture & Heritage Studies (CDETB LTI)

Board Members

  • Pat Kerr – Chairman
  • Claire Anderson  |  Office of Public Works
  • Caroline Davis (on leave)
  • Honora Faul | National Library of Ireland
  • Colm Fitzpatrick | Irish Times
  • Aoife Flynn
  • Barry Lyons | Formerly of Smurfit Group
  • Emma O’Sullivan – Company Secretary
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Seán Sills  |  Formerly of NCAD

Management Advisory Committee

  • Pat Kerr

Finance Committee

  • Caroline Davis – Chair (on leave)
  • Carla Marrinan Funder

Fundraising Committee

  • Colm Fitzpatrick
  • Aoife Flynn – Chair
  • Pat Kerr
  • Carla Marrinan Funder
  • Rachel O’Byrne

Curatorial Committee

  • Seán Sills – Chairman
  • Dr Angela Griffith | Trinity College Dublin
  • Alice Hanratty
  • Carla Marrinan Funder
  • Dr Dermot McGuinne
  • Jamie Murphy | NCAD
  • Mary Plunkett
  • Dr Ciarán Swan

Health & Safety Committee

  • Pat Kerr
  • Carla Marrinan Funder
  • Paul Marson and Philip Byrne, Irish Safety Centre


In addition to aforementioned persons, the Museum is fortunate to have a panel of active retired printers and typesetters who bring the collection to life on a regular basis. Keeping with tradition, this group is called the “Chapel” and the Father of the Chapel (FOC) is Brendan Murphy. The Chapel is currently seeking printers who can assist with demonstrating the printing presses in the collection – applications can be made out to the FOC.


The Museum is additionally supported by the generosity of a voluntary panel who donate their time by assisting with front of house, the Museum’s Education programme, documentation and other project work.